Products of the Hive

Getting Started with Honey Bee Products is the article I wrote for the Autumn BeeBuzz Newsletter by NCSBA. Since the newsletter is the Member’s Only section, I uploaded my article here for everyone. It describes why I decided to include honey and beeswax in most of my goat milk soap and lotion products and suggests several sites to visit for more information. It briefly touches on the labeling laws, advertising, and selling your products.

The Products of the Hive is a PowerPoint presentation that goes into more detail on hive products and by-products. Select the link above to begin the program. To maneuver between pages select Page Down to go forward or Page Up go to backward. Please open with Microsoft Office PowerPoint.

Anne Houck wrote a presentation on  What is Honey?  where she goes into details about honey chemistry, propolis, and royal honey. It is a PowerPoint article including Notes.