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This is an excerpt from a larger article about Wax Moth treatment. Follow this link for the whole story. By the way, Countrysidenetwork is one of my favorite sites for getting farmstead daily care.


DIY Wax Moth Trap


Wax moths will wreak havoc on a beehive in a very short amount of time. A good way to deter them is to lure them away from the hive by giving them something else that smells wonderful and trapping them. Making a homemade wax moth trap is an easy and effective way to reduce the number of wax moths in your apiary.

Empty 2-liter soda bottle (or two smaller bottles, like a sports drink bottle)
1 banana peel
1 cup vinegar
1 cup sugar
1 cup hot water

Cut a small hole in the empty soda bottle right below the shoulder, about the size of a quarter. Put hot water and sugar in a glass bowl or jar and mix together. Using a funnel, pour the sugar water and vinegar into the bottle. Then put the banana peel into the bottle. Put the lid back on the bottle. It will ferment and draw the moths to it.

Hang it in your apiary but several feet from your hives, the goal is to lure them away from the hives.