Pollinator Gardening

Please help me welcome Screaming Spirit Woman to my gardens. She came from Back in the Saddle.com. The moment we met, I knew she would be representing my gardens. screaming-spirit-woman-colorWhy? Because I’m either screaming with joy that something wonderful is happening or screaming because something didn’t happen. Either way, I’m screaming and feel like she looks — most of the time.

Isn’t she liberating? Let it all hang out, girl. Let it all hang out.

She’ll greet you whenever you enter the gardens. Hopefully, she helps you smile, like she helps me.

Welcome to Screaming Spirit Woman Gardens.

Below is the most recent (December 1, 2019) photo of the Pollinator Garden. Compared to the feature photo above, as you can see, several seasons have passed and much has been added. But, it still isn’t finished. In truth, it never will be finished. After all gardening is a verb; a gerund acting as a noun, subject, or object. So with a word that doesn’t know what it is, now can it ever be finished. Gardening is a perfect word for what happens out here. After I’ve cleaned it up I’ll take more detailed photos and explain what’s changed. IMG_1987